Why Öhlins? Öhlins has been an integrated part of the motorsport industry for over 40 years. With its headquarters in Sweden, there are over 320 employees and a test center at the most demanding track in the world, the Nurburgring. Ohlins is the choice of Professional racers from Touring Cars to 24 Hours of LeMans and more. Even the new 2018 BMW M4 GT4 factory racecar is equiped with Öhlins dampers.

What Separates Öhlins from other dampers? Inverted strut design, temperature compensation valving, the unique Dual Flow Valve (DFV), and more. For those who want to whet their appetite about the advanced technology behind Öhlins dampers, 3DM has put together an extensive guide explaining all the details. Click Here: Öhlins Technology Guide

3DM Motorsports has been using Ohlins dampers on the street and race track for over 10 years. In addition to service and support, we are also working directly with Ohlins to develop kits that are not in the current Ohlins product lineup. For example, see our video below of the 3DM E46 M3 track car on the Ohlins shaker rig for the e46 Dedicated Track suspension kit. Stay tuned for some exciting new releases coming soon! BMW e60 and F10 5 Series, E9X AWD, E36 M3, and more!


2018 Ohlins E46 M3 Dedicated Track Development


Circa 2005 modified Ohlins Sportline strut coupled with Ohlins Motorsport damper. The first “Road and Track” kit.


Ohlins Suspension Kit Options

Basic Öhlins Road and Track Kits: These are the basic kits out of the box unassembled.

Ready to Run (RTR) Öhlins Road and Track Kits: 3DM pre-assembles these kits with OEM BMW mounts so they are ready to bolt up to your car out of the box. This ensures you have everything you need and don’t get caught mid install with a damaged part that needs to be swapped over from your old suspension.

?? Road and Track Kits:

Öhlins Dedicated Track Kits: Competitive, Not Complicated. These kits have been designed for cars that see mostly track use and limited if any street use. Higher spring rates and valving to match combined with a modified Dual Flow Valve setup make these kits fast out of the box and quick and easy to dial in. The single adjustment knob adjusts rebound and compression together at the appropriate ratio ensuring you feel the change with just a click or two. The DFV eliminates the need for the high speed knobs found on other dampers that will leave you scratching your head and searching for a track-side engineer.

Öhlins Motorsport Kits: