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BMW Ohlins Buyers Guide (Coming Soon!)

BMW Fitments, Kit Options, Installation Instructions, and Custom Solutions

Ohlins Road & Track Suspension Technology

Learn about the technology behind the Road & Track suspension kits and what sets them apart.


Development and Project Vehicles

General Performance & Motorsport Technical DOcuments

Standalone MK60 Motorsport ABS

The MK60 Standalone ABS system is a 4-channel ABS system capable of standalone operation in a wide variety of cars.

Thread-lockers and Sealants

Prevent costly repairs and DNFs with LOCTITE thread-lockers and sealants

Inverted McPherson Strut Design Benefits

Comparing inverted versus upright Macpherson strut designs

Turbo Plumbing Clamps

The best clamps to use when securing silicone couplers to aluminum piping on the pressurized sections of a vehicle’s turbo system.