E9X/N54 Track Preparation Guide

Visit any BMW DE or club race and you will be hard pressed to find a forced induction (FI) powered car, the normally aspirated (NA) e36s and e46s rule the roost at these events. With both of these chassis ending production well over a decade ago, what is next for a dedicated track toy? Typically, the subsequent BMW chassis model’s standard 3 series was essentially as capable as it’s predecessor’s M3. For example, the e36 325i closely matched the capabilities of the e30 m3 and the e46 330i closely matched the capabilities of the e36 M3. Unfortunately, this was not the case when the e90 came into production, the e90 330i simply cannot match the e46 M3 on the track. With E9X M3 prices hovering above $20k, it is hard to swallow that entry point to a dedicated track car. Enter the E90 335i N54 turbo cars…


The Goal

Road and Track

Benchmark e46 M3:


Overview each piece of the foundation. Each piece of the foundation links to details.


Topics: Dampers, Springs, ARBs, Control Arms, Bushings/Ball Joints



Topics: Turbos, Intercooler, Intake, Plumbing, PCV System, Cooling, etc…

Looking at our e46 M3 benchmark, we know a well prepped s54 will make roughly 350 reliable WHP. To go beyond that requires an extensive internal build and if the motor goes boom, it can quickly become a wallet breaker. This is where the N54 shines as north of 450-500 WHP is easily accomplished with bolt on parts. Having said that, “bullet-proofing” the motor is essential before trying to attain these HP goals. Our “N54 Track Prep Guide” covers all the problem areas that need to be addressed as well as the upgrade path to get the w



Topics: Data Logging, Engine Tuning, ABS Tuning, Module Coding

Pro Tools, MHD, AIM Data Acquisition



Topics: Aero, Cage, Body

Front bumper, splitter, trunk spoiler, side skirts, etc…



Topics: Diff, Shifter, Guibo, Engine mounts, Wheels/Tires, etc…

videos, gallery, etc…