E46 Racecar Project For Sale


You can contact me via email with any questions or to schedule a phone call to discuss details: barrygbattle@gmail.com. 

I started this project roughly 3 years ago and too many other projects are in the way of completing this one.  As you will see in the Gallery at the bottom of this page, I had already started the assembly process. I hate to see it go but its best for someone else to finish it and enjoy it. This was originally an e46 330i chassis purchased from a BMW of Annapolis technician. It has a clean title (which I have in hand) and has never been wrecked. All chassis/prep work has been done by me. I have been professionally building racecars for over 20 years from BMWCCA, NASA, SCCA, World Challenge, Grand Am, etc.

This chassis was being built to run in the AER Series but can be raced in a lot of various classes: NASA GTS or ST, NASA Time Trials, SCCA Super Touring, SCCA Autocross, BMWCCA Mod Class, AER and i'm sure there are other classes i'm forgetting or not aware of.


Professionally Built cage

The cage was built with a combination of structural rigidity, safety, and lightweight in mind.  The chassis was set down on laser leveled pads to ensure the chassis was straight before fabrication began. All "mandatory" tubes meet the rules requirement for safety which is 1.75" OD x .095 wall DOM mild steel tubing. All "accessory" bars are 1.5" OD x .065" wall to try to keep weight down.

Additional features include...  The front shock tower bars were designed to allow the OEM brake booster setup. The original steering column bracket was retained. The driver seat brackets were removed and a new bracket fabricated to allow the driver to sit lower for better CG. The trans tunnel was clearanced allowing the driver to sit more towards the center of the car for better weight distribution. The rear cage is attached directly to the rear sub frame pickup points. The top layer of sheet metal was removed, upright tubes attached to the suspension mounting point weld nuts, then re-covered with CAD designed and Water jet cut sheet metal for a clean appearance. The bars have been seam welded to the chassis for better rigidity. There is an overhead roll over protection bar for the driver.


The chassis comes with all body panels except a roof. This car was originally a sunroof car and the roof was removed for cage fabrication. I will provide the OEM non-sunroof skin part number in a build sheet. The chassis was fully stripped and every unnecessary bracket removed. A large majority of the seam sealer on the interior was wire brushed off to reduce weight and create a cleaner appearance. The rear spare tire well was removed with plans to replace with an aluminum skin. The complete interior and the engine compartment have both been painted. The engine compartment has a catalyst clear coat to resist oil and make cleanup easy.


The e46 M3 MK60 "motorsport" ABS as a standalone is the way to go for a racecar. Included with the sale of the car is everything needed to do the e46 M3 MK60 as a standalone EXCEPT the wire harness and the hard brake lines. What is included with the sale are: M3 booster, M3 master cylinder, front/rear pressure sensors, wheel speed sensors, DSC sensor, and pump/module.

As for the hard lines, any car over 15+ years old you should replace the hard lines with new ones on a ground up racecar build. I have the part numbers for these included in the build sheet. I will work with Race Harness Technologies to get you a discount on the standalone wire harness to complete the system. https://3dmmotorsport.com/collections/mk60-motorsport-abs/mk60-motorsport-abs_bmw-e46-kits


One main focus of the build was lightweight. The path of this build was to mix standard 3 series items with M3 items. The e46 M3 6 Speed transmission and e46 M3 differential combined are about 60 lbs heavier than the standard e46 5 Speed transmission and standard  3 series differential. (Note.. I'm talking about the ZF 5 speed transmission as found in the e46 328 and e36 M3.)  The 5 speed trans is a common swap e46 M3 owners do for the track as the syncros are tougher than the 6 speed. The standard diff done by Diffsonline with a motorsport ring and pinion will handle the power of a built s54, I have done this before with other racecars with no problems.

I have a custom rear standard subframe that allows for mounting of the lighter standard e46 diff. The subframe has been modified so that it is solid mounted to the chassis and the diff. There are multiple inner upper/lower control arm mounting points to allow someone to test different roll center geometries. The stock location has been retained if desired. See gallery below.

I also have a stock e46 M3 rear subframe if you decide to go the heavier e46 m3 diff path. Its currently bolted to the car as a roller so it is not in the gallery. I have front and rear spindles/trailing arms from an M3 to allow for e46 brakes.

As a side note, I also have 325i front spindles, rear trailing arms and axles. These are much lighter than the M3 and can handle the cornering load and power of an s54 as well but I would only suggest this for sprint racing and upgraded brakes.

Basically, I am including multiple setup choices you can use to finish building this car. 


Included is the original 330i motor with all ancillary parts such as wire harness, DME, intake, etc. If you are not interested in this motor I will be willing to sell separately. The plan was to use an s54 or perhaps go with a turbo n54 motor but the project never progressed.

Included Parts

This bulleted list is a high level overview. The gallery below shows everything in detail. Also please note I have many extra used parts that were being saved as spares or to be used for mock-up and may not be applicable to final assembly. All extra spares/mock up parts are included with sale. 


  • e36 M3 ZF 5 Speed transmission with new bracket mount.

  • e46 M3 rear axles

  • e46 5 speed driveshaft

  • clutch slave new in box

  • clutch master new in box


  • race prepped non M e46 subframe

  • e46 m3 subframe

  • Modified e46 M3 rear trailing arms


  • Complete brake and MK60 ABS system from an e46 M3

  • 2 sets e46 m3 calipers

  • 1 set used M3 PF rotors

  • M3 booster

  • M3 master cylinder


  • new side window net

  • new side window net bar kit

  • new steering wheel quick release


  • Complete M54 330i Engine

  • Complete engine wire harness

  • MS43 DME