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pedal assembly and steering column installed
Modified e46 Standard Subframe: solid chassis mounting
Modified e46 Standard Subframe: custom roll center adjustable
Modified e46 Standard Subframe: solid diff mount
e46 M3 rear trialing arms with custom ARM mounts. I have the hubs they are just not assembled.
e46 M3 spindles
Used e46 m3 control arms for suspension mock up
under car brace
RTAB brackets
e46 standard 5 speed driveshaft
rear driveshaft loop
ZF e36 m3/328i 5 speed transmission
ZF e36 m3/328i 5 speed transmission
new 5 speed trans bracket
New clutch master, new clutch slave, new clutch line. 5 speed shift console, quibo, release lever and all metal release bearing.
e46 m3 axles
Stock standard e46 diffs
2018-07-15 15.33.03.jpg
dash insert
2018-07-15 15.43.17.jpg
side skirts
roof top trim
side window top trim
gas tank
gas filler tube and grommet
wiper motor and linkages
e46 m3 booster, master cylinder with pressure sensors, MK60 ABS pump/module installed
e46 M3 brake calipers. One front set missing pistons (Planned to be replaced with stainless pistons which I do not have)
Used OEM rear rotors, Used PFC front rotors
MK60 ABS wheel speed sensors
MK60 DSC sensor to use with standalone ABS harness.
spare standard e46 master cylinder with MK60 pressure sensors
front fender liners
all under-body plastic liners for aero. all heat shields
one manual and one SMG accelerator pedal/bracket
new window net and bars
Use dsteering wheel. The leather is matted down but not torn. Good for transporting car.
New steerig wheel hub adapter and quick release
new silicone e46 M3 coolant hose set in bag. Used coolant hoses as spares.
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