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We sell, service, and upgrade all Ohlins automotive suspension kits. One of our specialties is developing BMW fitments Ohlins does not offer in their normal product line. We have put together a few guides about Ohlins suspension kits to help aid our customers. Please email or call us with any questions you might have: Contact Us


Öhlins Buyers Guides

Which Kit Should I buy?
Öhlins "Road and Track" suspensions are great out of the box but we know everyone is a little bit different, or perhaps a lot different which is why 3DM Motorsport offers a variety of solutions for your car. In our ‘Buyers Guide’ you will find information such as “Why Öhlins” and "Why Purchase From 3DM Motorsport" along with an overview of all the categories of kits we offer. This will help guide you in purchasing the best kit for your application.

General Buyers Guide:

BMW Supplemental Buyers Guides:


Öhlins Tech Tips

Suspension Development and Project Vehicles

MK60 Motorsport ABS Standalone Kits

The MK60 Standalone ABS system is a 4-channel ABS system capable of standalone operation in a wide variety of cars. It is unique among off the shelf ABS units (outside of high cost units from Bosch) in its ability to operate in a truly standalone mode. All of its sensor data is managed within the unit and its diagnostics are performed via a dedicated OBD2 port without the need for other gateway modules or the ECU like is the case with other modern systems. The MK60 is able to monitor its own sensors and regulate wheel slip without integrating into a car's existing electronics.

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General Suspension Technical DOcuments


Thread-lockers and Sealants

Prevent costly repairs and DNFs with LOCTITE thread-lockers and sealants

Inverted McPherson Strut Design Benefits

Comparing inverted versus upright Macpherson strut designs